Johannesburg, Gunmen in South Africa have

killed 11 taxi drivers in an ambush, police said.

The men from Gauteng province were travelling to

Johannesburg when their minibus was fired on.

The victims, and four others critically injured, were returning

from a colleague’s funeral in the coastal region of Kwa-Zulu Natal,

police said.

The motive is unclear although rivalry between groups running

minibus taxi routes in South Africa has led to violence in the past.

Minibus taxis are the most popular form of transportation among

South Africa’s population of 55 million.

Police officer said the vehicle was attacked between the towns

of Colenso and Weenen, in the coastal province.

The targeted attack comes days after deadly shootings in the

capital Johannesburg, South African media reported.

In one week, a taxi owner reportedly with “no enemies” was shot

dead in his vehicle, and two others were killed while travelling under a

police escort.

Ten people were also killed in violence related to rivalries among

minibus drivers in Cape Town over one weekend in May, the BBC


Source: Oman News Agency