Muscat, The Government Communication Center organized today its seventh edition of the “Governmental Communication” meetings.

The meetings were attended by Dr. Abdul Munim bin Mansour al- Hasani, Minister of Information.

These meetings are part of a series of meetings held by the Center with officials and representatives of the media departments in government units to discuss the areas of integration in the media work, discuss best practices in the development of the governmental media work, and strengthening the mechanism of communication and raise the level of coordination and effectiveness of the media transparently with the community issues.

The meeting discussed the government’s communication strategy in cooperation with its partners in the Ministry of Information and the Public Authority for Radio and Television (PART) and the activities of the preparation stages of the strategy. The media departments of the government units are considered a tributary of the strategy.

The strategy aims to create a homogenous fabric of organized and comprehensive government information that delivers consistent messages and sustainable activities in line with community issues and is consistent with government priorities.

The meeting also dealt with structuring the media departments in government institutions. In this context, two experiments were reviewed: the British model for the structuring of the British government’s communication and media services, which adopts a number of principles, the most important of which are capacity building and skills development, improving and employing appropriate resources, and creating the most appropriate operational structure to achieve the required tasks, to ensure faster response, increase productivity, access to more professional standards, ensure that opportunities are used more timely and with fewer resources, and to achieve good organization and evaluation of work and results.

The second experiment reviewed the model of the Ministry of Information in order to achieve strategic objectives to ensure the activation of the internal communication in the institution, as well as external public communication, strengthening the institutional identity, in addition to highlighting the activities and events, and crisis management.

It should be noted that this meeting is held monthly and discusses the agenda of topics of common interest by the media departments of government institutions, in addition to the challenges facing these departments.

Source: Oman News Agency