Government Communication Centre Issues Statement on Academic Certificates Equivalence

Muscat, The Government Communication Centre today issued a

statement on the need to adhere to the ratification and equivalence of academic certificates

obtained from abroad by the Ministry of Higher Education. The centre said that all persons

are obliged to attach certified documents and transcripts when registering any request

related to updating their data and qualifications. Otherwise, the application will not be

processed, in addition to the signature of the applicant to the undertaking in the event that it

is proven otherwise, he or she shall bear all legal proceedings.

The statement also stressed the need for the concerned institutions to directly react with

what is posted on the social networking platforms on this issue through coordination with the

Ministry of Higher Education and to clarify the procedures that have been taken against all

those who proved that they obtained such certificates. This is in light of the government’s

keenness to enhance the interaction of the concerned parties with the posted issues on the

social networking platforms through their websites and official accounts.

This comes in the light of what has been circulated recently through social networking

platforms on cases in which academic certificates issued by fake universities were attached

in the forms of employment and after what the official follow up has reached in this regard.

Source: Oman News Agency