Government Communication Center Organizes Training Program for News Blogs in the Sultanate

Muscat, The Government Communication Center organized a training program to enable social media journalism in the Sultanate in the presence of Dr. Abdul Munim bin Mansour al- Hasani, Minister of Information and a number of blogs news sites in the Sultanate.

The program, which will be completed on Wednesday, includes a number of working papers submitted to speakers from the Sultanate and abroad to provide a focused material that enriches the outcome of these blogs.

The first day of the training program included a presentation by Badr bin Abdullah al-Hinai, Director General of Communications at the Government Communication Center, which addressed the objectives of this program, which included enabling the blogs and news sites to create authentic content and enable them to manage it professionally, in addition to smartly dealing with circulated news, and verifying their sources. The Center also aims to organize this program to open channels directly with these blogs and to identify the challenges they face.

The paper submitted by Dr. Hussein al-Ghaferi, a lawyer and international lawyer and arbitrator specializing in information technology laws, in his paper that had the title ” e-publication Organizing Law”, including the Law on Combating IT Crimes and the Press and Publication Law.

Dr. Jassim bin Mohammed al-Sheikh, an academic and media expert submitted a paper entitled Mobile Journalism in which he discussed the transformation of journalism from its traditional style to the modern style through social networks.

The training program includes an evening seminar entitled “Social Networks between Passion and Professionalism” aimed at those interested in the field of digital content and electronic publishing on social networks.

Source: Oman News Agency