Rescue operations are continuing into the night as emergency services search for survivors following the collapse of a motorway bridge in the north-western Italian city of Genoa.

At least 35 people were killed in the incident according to Reuters news agency, and 15 have been admitted to hospital, with nine in a critical condition.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte declared on Tuesday that the number was likely to rise.

Commenting on the ongoing operation, Genoa police spokeswoman Alessandra Bucci said: We are continuing with the rescue operations because we think there are other people alive under the rubble.

We hope to find more people alive.

Marcello de Angelis, who is co-ordinating the Italian Red Cross in the region, stated that emergency services were treating the incident in a similar fashion to an earthquake.

He told the BBC: There might be the possibility of some niches being created by the rubble itself, with people being protected by the rubble.

The units that we have sent are the units that we use during earthquakes.

So it is the same sort of situation, and also the risk of other collapses, obviously is the same.

Source: National News Agency