In response to Hezbollah Secretary-General’s speech today, Lebanese Kataeb Party Chief, Sami Gemayel, warned that "Iranian oil violates international law and causes a siege and sanctions on Lebanon."

Gemayel expressed his regret for the "complete absence of the President of the Republic, ministers and deputies,” adding, “It is more honorable and more beneficial for Lebanon that they resign, so that we allow the people to yield an authority that would liberate Lebanon's decision from the brunt of Hezbollah."

In his interview with "Voice of Lebanon" Radio Station earlier today, Gemayel considered that Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah did not speak on behalf of all of Lebanon, pointing to "a fundamental fallacy in his words in which he insinuated that there is a siege on Lebanon," stating that "what prevents us from importing oil is the subsidy policy and the inability of the Central Bank to pay more money, which drains the mandatory reserve.”

Source: National News Agency