Muscat, The GCC Standing Committee for Statistical Work Affairs held its fourth meeting today at the GCC Statistical Centre in Muscat.

The meeting discussed the measures taken to follow up the implementation of the recommendations of the third meeting of the committee and the work program of the GCC Statistical next year as part of the joint statistical action plan 2020-2030.

The meeting discussed a memorandum to assign GCC Statistical Centre by the GCC ministers responsible for tourism to establish a platform on intra-GCC tourism and another on building the index of the participation of Gulf women in development.

The meeting also discussed the technical support tasks provided by the GCC Statistical Centre to the statistical organs in the member countries to cover all statistical fields to serve the GCC statistical work system.

It is worth mentioning that the GCC Standing Committee for Statistical Work Affairs is composed of the heads and directors of the statistical agencies, centres and bodies of the member states, in addition to a representative from the GCC General Secretariat and the Director General of the GCC Statistical Centre.

Source: Oman News Agency