Muscat, Eng. Ibrahim Yahya al-Hashif, Acting Director of Recruitment Department in the GCC Standardization Organization (GCC-SO), praised the work procedures carried out in accordance with the Omani system in the field of issuing energy efficiency application submitted by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

He pointed out that the procedures presented in the system come with a number of advantages when compared to systems in some member states, in terms of working in a 100 percent electronic environment and the issuance of energy efficiency card electronically through a special electronic system.

He added that the procedures provided by the Directorate General of Standards and Metrology in the Omani system in the application of energy efficiency project includes two parts: the first represented in the control of the country in the manufacture before export, and the second contains the control after the entry of the product to the market through the withdrawal of samples and full verification of adherence to the lifetime requirements.

Source: Oman News Agency