Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri chaired this afternoon at the Center House an electronic meeting of the Future Parliamentary Bloc.

At the end of the meeting, the following statement was issued:

“Now that the Mandate’s government has approved its economic plan, it has to stop repeating the reprehensible “thirty years” hymn, and start bearing the responsibility of implementing the solutions it proposes for the economic-financial crisis, instead of escaping and accusing others, such as what happened with the Governor of the Central Bank, for political calculations that put the country at risk.

This plan will be under study and monitoring, under the roof of protecting the liberal economic system and securing the interests of the Lebanese and not harming their deposits, and whether it is convincing to the Lebanese, and the international community in terms of returning to the necessary reforms to monetize the gains of the CEDRE conference accomplished by the government of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, which was disrupted by those who consider it today a means to rescue what can be rescued.

It is important for the Future Bloc to draw the attention of the President of the Republic and the government to the necessity of reading recent history. They have the right to consider the approval of the economic plan as a historic day, but they have no right to jump over irrefutable facts, recognized by the whole world, and claim that it is the first time that an economic plan is approved, thus forgetting the economic plans that were approved at the Paris Conferences 1, 2 and 3 and the CEDRE conference. If these plans had been implemented, and had not been met with obstruction and maliciousness, Lebanon and the Lebanese would have been in a great situation today,” the statement maintained.

Until this moment, the intentions and actions of this Mandate, and its government, are not promising. The Lebanese are tired of its failings as much as they are tired of its historic days and the fact that it considers that history begins with it and ends with it. They are bored of the Don Quixotism of its cronies that are harming the present, future and decent life of the Lebanese day after day.

The Future Bloc supports the high national responsibility that characterizes the previous heads of government’s statement, in warning against the danger of overcoming the Taif Agreement and the constitution, and calling on the President and Prime Minister to adopt a roadmap to save the country based on the 7 provisions included in the statement, instead of pursuing the practices and policies that deepen national division and open the country and the interests of people to ominous risks.

The Future bloc considers that the protests in a number of Lebanese regions express the suffering of the people after the collapse of the exchange rate of the Lebanese Pound and the crazy rise in prices, and warns against some attempts to divert it from its path with the violation of public and private property, and the plans of others to put citizens in a confrontation with the army and the security forces whose duty is to guarantee their protection and their right to peaceful expression.

In conclusion, the bloc salutes the solidarity meeting that took place at Dar Al Fatwa for the Coalition of Charitable Institutions, and what it achieved to extend a helping hand to people in all regions and praises the Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, for his keenness that Dar Al Fatwa be the home of all Lebanese and Muslims, full of goodness, blessing and unity.

 The bloc also pays tribute to the workers of Lebanon on the occasion of Labor Day, even if they are not in a good situation due to the serious living crisis and the erosion of the value of their salaries and their purchasing power.”  

Source: National News Agency

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