Muscat, The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has affirmed that fuel and its derivatives are available in all 652 filling stations in all the Wilayats and governorates of the Sultanate, affirming that they are fully prepared for the entire period of total lockdown.


This comes within the framework of the efforts being made by the ministry to make fuel and its derivatives available for citizens and residents as well as companies and institutions during the lockdown and to ensure the smooth flow of services in all Wilayats of the Sultanate is maintained.


The ministry has coordinated with oil product marketing companies including Shell Marketing Company that runs 199 filling stations, Oman Oil Company which operates 226 stations, and Al Maha Petroleum Products Marketing Company which runs 227 stations to make the fuel remain available and to ensure that it’s trucks keep moving during the lockdown.


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has emphasised that the current situation must be dealt with caution in accordance with the instructions given by the Covid-19 Supreme Committee and to take all the necessary precautions. It said that the fuel would remain available during this period.


Regarding the lockdown and the ban of movement in the evening, the ministry has said that certain filling stations have been given permits to operate during nights in a way that one filling station remain open in the night in each Wilayat.


In the meantime, the OQ Group has confirmed that in compliance with the decisions of the Covid-19 Supreme Committee, the group’s business would continue naturally during the lockdown. The fuel products are available in the storage facilities to meet the needs of the market in all governorates of the country. It pointed out that there was constant coordination with marketing companies of petroleum products to ensure all fuel stations of the country have sufficient supplies.


The petroleum products marketing companies have confirmed that they would abide by the instructions given to maintain supplies of fuel and its derivatives during lockdown in all governorates of the country. Shell oil products marketing company said that it initiated the business continuity plan taking into account the new decisions issued by the Supreme Committee and the emerging situation to ensure that the fuel is continued to remain in supply in sufficient quantity through the Shell Service Stations located all over the Sultanate.


Shell said that it has developed a plan for adequate supply and distribution during the current situation and lockdown in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the authorities concerned. This comes to ensure the availability of fuel throughout this period. Several Shell service stations would remain open round the clock according to the directives of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. There is a continuous coordination with the departments concerned to help easy transit of trucks. It is also open to suggestions and opinions to ensure safe and smooth operations.


Meanwhile, Oman Oil Company said that its filling stations are technically prepared to work without breakdowns and its tankers are available for fuel transport to meet the requirements of all the clients and filling stations. It has disseminated awareness among its employees about the preventive measures needed to be taken during the Corona pandemic.


Al-Maha Petroleum Products Marketing Company said that truck passes were obtained in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to ensure the availability of fuel at all the governorates of the Sultanae.


Source: Oman News Agency

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