Chairman of the Executive Council of "Project Watan”, resigned MP Neemat Frem, gathered today around five hundred people from the city of Byblos and its towns with the aim of introducing them to “Project Watan” and the path of rebuilding Lebanon on solid foundations.

Addressing the audience that included mayors and dignitaries from the region, particularly members of the young generation, Frem called for "absolute faith in the change we want and in victory in the path that must be determined according to a clear vision to achieve this victory."

"Lebanon was born to continue in the image of the open, developed Lebanese who dreams of a prosperous Lebanon," said Frem, warning against "surrendering to the policies they are trying to impose on us and which will take us back to the Middle Ages."

He continued to stress "the importance of fighting the current war with the weapon of reason, thought, knowledge, prosperity and keeping pace with development," calling for having confidence in achieving victory by: i) defining goals and working towards them with basic determination and organization; ii) rebelling against the status quo and imposing the vision of a modern, prosperous and developed homeland that resembles the human being and secures all the necessities of life; iii) reaching change through the elections and what follows at all levels; iv) adhering to Lebanon’s Arab identity and diversity in its message, content and options; v) ensuring absolute independence of the judiciary.

"We are forbidden to despair, and together we will turn anger, pain and fear into a project that we will invest in rebuilding the new Lebanon," pledged Frem before the attendees.

Source: National News Agency