France to Mobilise Extra Support for Monkeypox Vaccines as 1,700 Infected

Paris, About 1,700 people had been infected with monkeypox in France, Health Minister François Braun said, the France 24 News reported.

Braun said the government so far had opened about 100 vaccination centres for monkeypox and that more than 6,000 people have received a preventive vaccination.

The health minister said that France would mobilise “extra support” to ensure that enough vaccines can be given, including training medical students to administer jabs.

Braun called on patients who have lesions or other symptoms to self-isolate as soon as possible.

Braun said he did not see a major threat for the general public and said the government would focus its vaccination campaign on target groups considered the most at risk.

Most of the infections have taken place in the Paris region, he said, adding that a dedicated major vaccination centre would open in Paris this week.

Source: Oman News Agency