Dushanbe, Four tourists were killed and two others

wounded in an armed attack in Tajikistan.

“The suspects were carrying knives and firearms in their attack,

which resulted in the death of tourists from the United States,

Switzerland and the Netherlands”, said Interior Minister Ramadan

Rahimzadeh today in a press statement. He added that the authorities

are currently studying all the possibilities behind the incident, including

the “terrorist act” hypothesis.

Authorities in Tajikistan said earlier that the four tourists were killed in

a “traffic accident ” in a rural area 90 km southeast of the capital


The Tajik Interior Minister said two suspects were killed after “resisting

arrest” while four others were arrested.

For its part, the US embassy in Tajikistan affirmed the killing of two

of its nationals during the incident, without revealing their identities.

Source: Oman News Agency