Salalah, The equestrian activities of Oman

Equestrian Federation (OEF) were held at Salalah Tourism Festival

2018 through the Loyalty and Gratitude March on the occasion of the

23rd of July, the Glorious Renaissance Day with the participation of 23

horse riders in their traditional horseback riding, locally known as (Al

Ardha), wearing the traditional Omani attire.

The march kicked off at the parallel street to the Municipality

Recreational Centre in Iteen Plain. The horse riders then took part in

the joint march organised by the Dhofar Municipality inside the festival

grounds. The visitors were impressed by the beauties of the Arabian

horses with traditional Omani style that reflected the Sultanate’s

interest in this authentic Omani heritage.

The event was attended by Sheikh Salim bin Oufait al-Shanfri,

Head of Dhofar Municipality and officials in the governorate, as well as

a large group of participants and a large number of visitors to the

festival. Fireworks were launched and horses were present in the

square of the festival in a magnificent panoramic image that reflected

the celebration of this precious national occasion. The horse riders

paraded inside the main theater of the festival through the performance

of horse art in a formation that dazzled all visitors.

Source: Oman News Agency