Enventure Introduces the Next Generation ESeal™ 3.0 Refrac Liner System

Expandable Refrac Liners for Zonal Isolation in Higher Temperature Reservoirs

HOUSTON, May 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Enventure Global Technology, the pioneer in solid expandable technology, today announced the introduction of the next generation ESeal 3.0 Solid Expandable Refrac Liner and the first two successful commercial installations.

Enventure Introduces the Next Generation ESeal™ 3.0 Refrac Liner System

Resulting in a collaborative effort with our clients, Enventure developed the ESeal 3.0 Solid Expandable Refrac Liner System to provide operators more options when selecting among mechanical zonal isolation techniques.  Pairing this offering with our Engineered Liner Analysis, Enventure assists the operator when making data-based decisions about their refrac options.

“This marks a significant milestone for expandable refrac liner technology,” said Alastair McClean, President & CEO for Enventure. “From collaboration with our clients, Enventure has extended the safe operating window with a tiered offering of expandable liners to provide zonal isolations in vertical or horizontal refracs, and now into higher temperature refracs.”

In recent years, Enventure has helped operators achieve significant production increases after a refrac liner was installed, compared to production prior to the refrac.   The ESeal 3.0 Refrac Liner system offers two additional tiers of performance ratings to provide optimum results in vertical or horizontal refracs, and now in higher temperature applications.  ESeal 3.0 RF provides 16% more tensile strength to allow installations in the 225-250 0F range.   Eseal 3.0 RF-HT (High Temp) provides 40% more strength to allow installation in the 300 0F, or higher range.

“ESeal 3.0 RF and RF-HT provides the strongest connection offered with expandable refrac liners,” said Matt Meiners, Technology and Product Development Manager for Enventure.  “Combined with our Engineered Liner Analysis service, we give our clients more options and higher reliability when using mechanical isolation methods for refracs.”

Two successful field installations have been completed.  One installation of an ESeal 3.0 RF Liner occurred in South Texas. 5000-ft of 4 1/4″ expandable liner was installed and expanded inside 5 ½” casing, at a bottom hole temperature of 230 0F.  A second 450-ft installation occurred in West Texas, also inside 5 ½” at a bottom hole temperature of 165 0F.  Both installations were installed, pressure tested and fracked with no indication of pressure loss.   Production results are pending.

Houston-based Enventure Global Technology, Inc. continues to be the world’s leading provider of solid expandable technology solutions for the energy industry with more than 2,000 installations to date worldwide.  The company has a global presence with operations in North America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, South America, Europe and the Far East.  For more information, visit www.EnventureGT.com.

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