Egyptian Film Analyzes Prospects of Egyptian Cinema

Cairo, The Egyptian General Authority for

Cultural Palaces released a book entitled “The Egyptian Film: Reality

and Prospects” by Dr. Walid Seif.

The book deals with analysis and critique of the films of the

Cinema Guide, issued by the National Center for Cinema Culture,

Egyptian Panorama film lists, issued by “Cultural Development

Publications, in addition to the annual film festival, and the films of the

Catholic Center for Egyptian Cinema.

The writer emphasizes that films that triumph for the future, for

freedom, for noble values in an artistic way will remain the closest to

the viewer, the more resilient to time while the reactionary and defeatist

ideas and the idle methods disappear. The bold and progressive

stream of cinema continues to flow into the stream of society seeking to

achieve its fundamental goals, which no free human will abandon.

Source: Oman News Agency