Duqm Refinery Launches 3rd Refinery Science Initiative

Duqm, The third edition of the refinery science

initiative, organized by Duqm Refinery, was launched in the

Governorate of Al Wusta to enhance the scientific concepts related to

oil refining operations and its derivatives for students of the governorate

schools in cooperation with the Directorate General of Education in Al


The aim of the initiative is to enhance the knowledge of school

students of scientific materials including science, mathematics,

engineering and technology as future areas of study and work.

Duqm Refinery aims at introducing social responsibility initiatives

and programs targeting different sectors of the society. This year, the

refinery implemented several programs, including the “Knowledge”

program for job seekers and the “Al Noukhatha” initiative for developing

leadership skills of school students and jobseekers, in addition to

Sawaed program in the voluntary field.

Source: Oman News Agency