Muscat, The Dialogue Committee today held

three meetings with representatives of embassies of labour-sending

countries (the Philippines, Jordan and Turkey) to discuss the

challenges facing their nationals working in the private sector.

This meeting comes within the framework of the regular

meetings of the Dialogue Committee with the embassies of the labour-

sending countries formed by the Ministerial Decision No. (301/2017).

The Committee is concerned with meeting with the embassies of the

labour-sending countries to find appropriate solutions to the problems

facing the non-Omani workforce in terms of their rights and obligations

under applicable laws and regulations.

The Committee assured representatives of the embassies on

the necessity of the workforce's commitment to the laws in force in the

Sultanate, the importance of exchanging information and issues related

to the problems faced by the expatriate workforce, the need to educate

the expat workforce before leaving the Sultanate to reduce illegal

practices and to achieve more stability in the relationship between the

labour parties.

Source: Oman News Agency