Caretaker Prime Minister, Dr. Hassan Diab, received at the Grand Serail, the General Labor Confederation head, Dr. Bechara Al-Asmar, heading a delegation which included GLC Vice President Hassan Fakih, GLC Secretary-General, Saad Eddin Hamidi Sakr, GLC Secretary for External Relations, Boutros Saadeh, GLC Secretary for Economic and Social Affairs, Akram Arabi, and GLC Secretary for Woman and Child Affairs, CharbelSaleh, in the presence of PM Advisor, Hussein Kaafarani.

After the meeting, Al-Asmar said:

“We deliberated with H.E. on the urgent need to form a salvation and reform government that keeps pace with the difficult economic situation. We call for a government that establishes a minimum level of political stability and paves the way for addressing the economic problems. Lebanon, especially the working class and all Lebanese factions, is facing a bitter reality. The purchasing power has decreased; salaries have faded away and inflation has reached 85 percent. Hence, we call for the necessity of correcting wages in the private and public sectors, and for the provision of some allowances and social benefits, including raising transportation and family compensation, as well as school grants. This must be ensured in order to support citizens. It is currently useless to discuss anything other than cabinet formation. The General Labor Confederation will keep abreast of the developments and will resort to the street to press for the formation of a government”.


Source: National News Agency

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