Dhofar Municipality Reviews Preparedness to Deal with Climate Conditions

Salalah, Sheikh Salim bin Ufait al-Shanfri,

Head of Dhofar Municipality today held a meeting with officials of the

Municipality to review its preparedness and take the necessary

measures to deal with the climate conditions due to affect the

Governorate of Dhofar during these days.

Sheikh al-Shanfri said that coordination is maintained with the

private sector to limit obstacles. He stressed the importance of

permanent communication and coordination among various working

teams at the Municipality and other respective institutions in the

Governorate of Dhofar.

An emergency team was formed at the Municipality representing

various service departments to follow up the latest developments of the

tropical condition expected to hit the governorate. Dhofar Municipality

stresses the importance to communicate with the Municipality through

the call centre (1771), as well as through its social media accounts.

Source: Oman News Agency