Dhofar Governor Meets with Water Sector Officials

Salalah, Sayyid Mohammed bin Sultan al-

Busaidi, Minister of State, Governor of Dhofar today met with officials of

the Directorate General of Water, Water Management’s directors and

members of the emergency teams in all wilayats of the governorate to

discuss work progress in the water sector in the Governorate of Dhofar

after the recent adverse climate conditions witnessed by the


The Minister of State, Governor of Dhofar praised all the efforts

made by the water sector during this exceptional period. He was

briefed by Eng. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Rowas, Director General of

Water about the procedures that were followed in dealing with that

period through harnessing all available resources under emergency

plans designed to deal with the tropical condition.

The meeting was attended by Abdullah bin Aqeel al-Ibrahim,

acting Deputy Governor of Dhofar and officials in the water sector in

the governorate.

All affected water lines in some wilayats will be fully restored to

normalcy in a short period of time.

Source: Oman News Agency