Protesters from the city of Zahle and its district organized a demonstration at the Manara Square this evening, in response to the Sunday of Unity" slogan, during which they raised national flags and chanted their demands, most notably the formation of a technocratic government.

In the same context, protesters staged a sit-in at the Tal Amara-Riyak triangle, demanding a list of reforms. The Shehabieh-Faour roads also witnessed massive vehicle marches through the town's roads.

Similarly, the main roads in the towns of Saadnayel, Taalabaya, Qeb Elias, Bar Elias, Marj and Masnaa are witnessing huge popular movements, calling for the closure of roads until the people's demands are met, amidst the heavy deployment of army units.

Meanwhile, the Dar al-Fatwa in the Bekaa renewed, in an issued statement today, its support to the popular movement in its call for lifting the people's suffering, but stressed the need to open the roads so students can commute to their respective schools and universities.

The statement also called on officials to "accelerate their response to the rightful demands of the people, and speed-up the cabinet formation in line with citizens' aspirations."

Source: National News Agency