Daoud represents President of the Republic at ‘Antelias Book Fair’ opening: A cultural platform for those who aspire for knowledge grace

The Lebanese Cultural Movement in Antelias inaugurated Saturday the “Lebanese Book Fair” for the 38th consecutive year at the Grand Hall of the Monastery of Mar Elias under the patronage of President Michel Aoun, represented by Culture Minister Mohammad Daoud, in the presence of MP Ziad Hawat representing House Speaker Nabih Berri and MP Nazih Najm representing Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and various prominent figures and dignitaries.

In his word at the opening ceremony, Minister Daoud described the event as a “cultural epistemological chapter, faithfully followed for 38 years in a row” and a “cultural-humanitarian platform for those who aspire to have the grace of knowledge.”

“It is also an occasion to pay tribute to the great people who gave thought, literature and arts, in Lebanon and the Arab world, a cultural glow,” he added.

“Culture has played a prominent role in shaping the fabric of Lebanese society through the ages, turning into a civilized project. Our renaissance writers aspired to translate it into the role and mission of Lebanon in its surroundings and beyond. We consider this Lebanese cultural project to be a model for the Arab and Middle East region, in terms of cultural-human-cognitive encounter and acceptance of the other through dialogue and brotherhood,” Daoud underlined.

He concluded by saying, “On behalf of His Excellency the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, who honored me in representing him this evening, I highly appreciate the Cultural Movement in spreading knowledge…We pledge that Lebanon in its official state shall continue to encompass all intellectual initiatives and contributions, and remain a definite supporter and advocate of all creative talents…Long live Lebanon.”

Source: National News Agency