Cyclone Owen Downgraded with Potential Reform off Queensland

Canberra, A cyclone that was predicted to

wreak havoc across Queensland in Australia has been downgraded to

a tropical low, after unleashing 17cm (6.6in) of rain in two hours across

the north of the state.

Authorities warn that Cyclone Owen could still reform offshore

tomorrow (Monday).

Severe weather and flood warnings are in place.

Owen hit land as a category 3 cyclone yesterday (Saturday),

70km (43 miles) from Kowanyama.

The cyclone’s 120km/h (74mph) winds weakened as it moved


Queensland’s Emergency Service received 400 calls for help

over Friday night.

Rescue services are warning that heavy rainfall and flash floods

could still follow between now and Tuesday.

The weather system is expected to reach the North Queensland

towns of Ingham and Innisfail.

Meteorologists predict it will move back out over water before

tracking down the state’s east coast.

Australia frequently experiences extreme weather, with flash

floods, sandstorms and droughts in some areas, the BBC news


Source: Oman News Agency