Writer and film director, Mohammad Ghandour, has won the "Best Screenplay" at the Los Angeles Film Awards out of 120 nominees.

On this occasion, Minister of Culture, Judge Mohammad Mortada, issued a statement congratulating Ghandour on his significant achievement, saying: “We are proud and honored by every Lebanese accomplishment that raises the name of our beloved country high in international forums. This time the achievement came bearing the imprint of the Lebanese writer and director Mohammad Ghandour by winning an appreciation award for the best scenario category at the Los Angeles Film Awards International Festival...The creativity of Mohammad Ghandour in preparing the script and plot rather stems from the bitter reality experienced by the Lebanese, as it reflects a painful social aspect represented by the migration of the Lebanese in search of job opportunities, with the coupling difficulties and obstacles."

He added: "It is true that this scenario stems from the pain endured, but creativity is creativity, even if it is the result of pain, and we hope that the coming days will bring innovations based on joy and peace...A thousand greetings to the Lebanese writer and director Mohammad Ghandour, wishing him continued success and advancement in his future endeavors."

It is to note that this festival is held monthly, during which a number of film writers and directors from around the world compete to choose the best from different categories.

Ghandour has also qualified for the New Jersey Film Awards finals for best screenplay.

Source: National News Agency