Cultural Club Organizes Workshop for Youngsters in Writing Short stories

Muscat, The Cultural Club today started a workshop on short story writing entitled “The Open Window” presented by the writer Emamah bint Mustafa al-Lawatiya, as part of the Cultural Club’s summer program for children and youngsters and lasts for 3 days.

The workshop is divided into three parts, one day for each part. The first part focuses on the theoretical side in short stories, including the elements of short story, such as characters, plot etc. The second part focuses on reading selected short stories to learn about the different writing styles, how the writer applies the theoretical aspects discussed in the first part. The third part gives the participants the opportunity to write their own stories, followed by a critical reading of the written texts.

The workshop aims to be an open window to develop the skills of the youngsters in writing stories, trigger their curiosity with selected texts and motivate them to do exploratory readings in the field of short story, and to teach them methods in decomposing the story to its elements, in addition to suggestion for future readings.

Source: Oman News Agency