Crest Media to partner with North Base Media in managing Al-Monitor

WASHINGTON, June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Crest Media LLC, the U.S. media investment company, has partnered with North Base Media in managing Al-Monitor, the leading source of news and insight about the Middle East (

Al-Monitor is based in Washington, D.C., and has a network of authors and analysts around the world. Al-Monitor seeks to monitor the Pulse of the Middle East via its award-winning, multilingual platform, which publishes a diverse set of perspectives on the region, bridging the gap of information available to both those in the Middle East and those elsewhere with a desire to better understand a rapidly changing region. It is widely read among policymakers, business leaders and academics.

North Base Media has deep strategic expertise in media and will provide top-level operational and financial decision-making for Al-Monitor, and work with the company to explore possible content and commercial avenues.

“Al-Monitor plays a critical role in providing greater insights into the Middle East,” said Daria Daniel of Crest Media. “Bringing North Base Media’s expertise to the company’s operations and strategic planning will enable Al-Monitor to accelerate its activities and continue to uncover the trends that are shaping the future of the Middle East.”

North Base Media is an independent, international venture-capital firm with a singular focus on media, content and information technologies in the world’s fastest growing markets. It manages a portfolio of global media assets on behalf of investors, including Crest Media.  As part of its strategy to maximize value for those investors, North Base Media works closely with both them and portfolio companies, to advise and develop their businesses.

Founded four years ago by Marcus Brauchli, former editor of The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, and Sasa Vucinic, former co-founder and CEO of Media Development Loan Fund, North Base Media has built a team that now includes Stuart Karle, former Chief Operating Officer of Reuters News and former General Counsel for The Wall Street Journal, and Turi Munthe, former founder and CEO of Demotix. North Base Media partners have advised media companies around the world, including Graham Holdings, Univision, Hindustan Times of India and Gremi Media of Poland, in addition to a number of portfolio companies. (

Al-Monitor’s authors write for those who want to go beyond the headlines — readers who want to explore into the nuances of regional politics, but also those who want to better understand the social and cultural context of the Middle East as seen, experienced and understood by those who live there. It seeks to provide a neutral platform for diverse viewpoints and has contributors across the Middle East.  Read more: