ConsenSys Academy’s Online Ethereum Developer Program Returns This Summer

NEW YORK, April 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Since its founding in 2017, ConsenSys Academy has been bridging the Ethereum knowledge gap through a variety of unique educational offerings. One of its most popular programs last year was a technical course that drew 1,300 applicants from more than 95 countries for a mere 150 spots. The Developer Program is coming back this June, with registration opening on April 16th.

The 2018 Developer Program is a fully online, mentor-led, new and improved course created alongside top blockchain developers at ConsenSys. ConsenSys is building decentralized applications and various developer and end-user tools, focusing primarily on Ethereum.

The goal of the program is to give experienced developers all the necessary knowledge, skills, and hands-on mentorship needed for them to become industry-leading Ethereum developers.

Registration is available for 2,000 students and closes on June 4th 2018, 12 PM EDT.

Traditional education programs cannot keep up with the rapidly developing pace of the Ethereum ecosystem and interest in blockchain as a whole. ConsenSys, one of the largest global blockchain companies, realizes there is a wide ranging demand to not only learn about principles of blockchain technology, but also the technical implementation of Ethereum.

Akshi Federici, Executive Director of Strategic Projects, Founder and Global Lead for ConsenSys Academy believes that ConsenSys Academy will be a key driver for blockchain technology advancements. “The blockchain space is growing so fast, and we are offering practical developer training courses so that we don’t have to wait for the more traditional institutions to start offering programs. And this isn’t solely theoretical  — immediately upon graduation they will be able to start developing applicable solutions to meet the high demand in the field.

ConsenSys Academy’s 2018 Developer Program is currently seeking applicants who:

  • Want to acquire the skills necessary to be an industry-ready blockchain developer
  • Are an OOP (object oriented programmer) comfortable with Python, JS, HTML, Git
  • Are wide ranging  — from talented students to veteran developers

Course Details:

  • Course begins on June 11th
  • Course will be self-paced for 11 weeks, with the expectation that most students will complete it within 9 weeks.
  • and requires 10-15 hours/week
  • Course will include 4-5 quizzes throughout and a final project assessment.
  • Course will be offered in English only
  • Upon successful completion of the Course, graduates will be issued a certificate on Ethense, our platform for certification on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Course price is $1,000 via PayPal

Scholarship details

  • To apply for a scholarship to cover course costs, please fill out this form
  • Scholarships will be capped at 100 seats
  • Scholarship Registration closes on May 14th at 9 AM EDT