Commerce and Industry Minister Visits Sohar University

Sohar, Dr. Ali bin Masoud al-Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry, visited today the Sohar University laboratories in the presence of the Sohar University management and representatives of the manufacturing sector in the implementation support and follow-up unit and a number of executive heads.

Dr. Ali bin Masoud al-Sunaidy, Chairman of the Steering Committee and the audience were briefed on the project and its current and future stages. The minister stressed the importance of cooperation with companies and institutions operating in the university environment, with emphasis on industrial aspects, development, innovation and improvement in production and manufacturing.

The project aims at creating a model center for advanced manufacturing industries in the Sultanate to develop innovation and improvement, as well as a factory for the design and manufacture of molds and production as the basics needed by the manufacturing sector to help strengthen the Omani products industry.

The project has an increasing executive performance at Sohar University (20%) and is expected to start its initial operation at the end 2018.

He also reviewed the courses description labs in the university, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East and the third in the world. The laboratory has been equipped with the latest technologies to test the stimuli.

The visit of the Minister of Commerce and Industry and his meeting with the university officials and specialists in charge of the project within the framework of continuous cooperation and coordination between the university and the ministry and the Implementation and Follow-up Support Unit, to follow up the progress in the project “Manufactured in Sohar ” which is one of the important projects during the current period, in confirmation of the government endeavors in implementing the economic diversification plans, and providing the Omani economy with new industries that enhance the qualitative development of the industrial sector in the Sultanate.

Source: Oman News Agency