Civil Defence Authority Handles More Than 410 Reports During Climatic Condition

Muscat, Teams of the Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (ACDA) tasked with search, rescue, firefighting and ambulance, handled 410 mayday reports during the tropical cyclone /Shaheen/ in the governorates of North Al Batinah, South Al Batinah, A’Dakhiliyah, A’Dhahirah and North A’Sharqiyah.

As part of the mission, ACDA teams responded to a variety of reports and humanitarian cases, including 221 reports of stranded people, submerged homes and cars caught unawares in the course of wadis.

Medical emergency response teams handled 73 reports while firefighting squads tackled 89 fire incidents. Other teams dealt with a different set of reports, among them 6 about landslides, 3 about fallen trees, 1 about hazardous leaks and another 17 different reports.

Some 607 people received the services of ACDA, supported by other sectors of the National Committee for Emergency Management.

The ACDA urges all members of the public to exercise caution and keep away from dams and avoid swimming in wadis and ponds. Children should never be left unattended, said the ACDA.

Source: Oman News Agency