BAGHDAD, Aug. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Chery Automobiles has recently released its January-July 2021 sales data. Up 49.6% year on year, sales volume in July was 83,678 vehicles. For the period January to July, cumulative sales volume was 508,415 vehicles, increasing 74.6% year on year. Overseas export sales in July totaled 26,624 vehicles, rising 194.8% year on year, and cumulative exports in the January to July period amounted to 145,367 vehicles, jumping 172.9% year on year, to reach another record high.


Chery attributes its impressive performance in global markets to the unremitting pursuit of high product quality. At the 45th International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC) in 2020, Chery stood out from 577 QC groups from 15 countries to win the top Platinum Award. The ICQCC was jointly initiated by China, Japan and Korea in 1976, and the first session was held in Japan in the same year. ICQCC, known as the “Olympics of quality”, is one of the largest-scale international quality conferences that has the most extensive coverage and strongest cohesion in the field of quality management.

To meet global consumers’ vehicle upgrading needs, Chery is stepping up its intelligent technology upgrade with the launch of its PRO series models, which have already successfully launched in China, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia among other countries, much to the favor of consumers in these many countries around the world. In September 2021, Chery’s PRO series – TIGGO 8 PRO, TIGGO 7 PRO, TIGGO 4 PRO and TIGGO 2 PRO – will also hit the Iraqi market.

Unlike previous models, the PRO series has significant differentiating features. In terms of the automotive design, it adheres to the 3.0 design concept of the Chery global design team, and adopts a new sun-star front face design, which is highly recognizable and passionate. In terms of the technology configuration, it has rich specifications that surpass those of equivalents, bringing consumers an intelligent car experience that exceeds their expectations. From a power perspective, Chery has the strongest engine research and development technology in China, and the PRO series is equipped with China’s “top ten engines” that brings outstanding power performance. The launch of the Chery PRO series in Iraq will certainly bring an exciting new automobile experience to Iraqi consumers.

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