The Directorate General of Primary Health Care of the Ministry of Health, represented by the Non-Communicable Diseases Department and in cooperation with the National Oncology center issued the Cancer Incidence in Oman Report.

The report indicated that the number of recorded tumors cases in 2016 reached 2,015 cases including 1,780 (88.3%) cases among Omanis, while 215 (10.7%) cases among expatriates and 15 (0.7%) cases of Carcinoma in situ among Omanis.

The number of cancer cases among Omani males reached 826 (46.4%) while among the Omani females reached 954 (53.6%). The number of recorded cancer cases among Omani children aged 14 years and under was about 125 cases (7%).

As to the sultanate of Oman, breast cancer is the most common cancer among females, followed by thyroid cancer, and colorectal cancer. Prostate, colorectal cancer and liver cancer are the most common cancer types among males.

Source: Ministry of Health Sultanate of Oman