Muscat, The direct impact of tropical cyclone (Shaheen) began this morning on Muscat and South AI Batinah governorate with heavy rainfall observed between ( 50-110) mm, said a statement by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The latest satellite images and weather analysis at the National Multi Hazards and Early Warning Center indicate that the tropical cyclone (Shaheen) continues to move towards the coastline of Oman Sea with estimated surface wind speed around the centre ranging between 64 to 75 knots ( 120 to 139 km / hr ), CAA warning (4) said.

The center of the cyclone is about 80 km away from Muscat Governorate. The system is expected to continue affecting Muscat and South Al Batinah with torrential rains associated gusty wind. Meanwhile, the cyclone is expected to directly impact North Al Batinah , A’Dhahira, Al Buraimi and A’Dakhiliya with very strong wind estimated to be around ( 45-60 kt ) and heavy rains between ( 200-500 mm), which will lead to flash floods. Also, the system is expected to affect Musandam, North A’Sharqiya and South A’Sharqiya with rain fall ranging between ( 20 to 60 mm) . The system expected to make landfall between Al Musanaah and Saham this evening (5:00 pm - 8:00 pm).

Sea condition is expected gradually to be very rough over the coastal areas between South A’Sharqiya to Musandam Governorates with maximum wave height ranging between 8 and 12 meters. In addition, storm surge might cause sea water inundation over low level coastal areas. The sea state will be rough along the rest of Omani coasts with maximum wave height between 3.0 and 5 meters.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) advices the public to take proper precautions, stay away from the low lying areas and avoid the risk of crossing wadis. The Authority also advices the fishermen and sea goers to avoid venturing into the sea and follow latest and updated bulletins from the National Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre.

Source: Oman News Agency