Bukhari honors Arab pioneering women in journalism

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon, Walid Bukhari, on Friday honored Arab creative women journalists at a ceremony held on Friday at the Embassy, in the presence of Caretaker Tourism Minister, Avedis Guidanian, and the director of the National News Agency, Laure Sleiman, representing Caretaker Information Minister Melhem Riachy.

Also attending the ceremony had been Ambassadors of Iraq, Ali Al-Ameri, and Morocco, Mohammad Karin, as well as several Arab embassies’ representatives, Head of the Arab Women Journalists’ Center, Zeina Fayyad, Press Syndicate head, Aouni Kaaki, and scores of media figures and newspapers’ editors in chief.

Ambassador Bukhari underlined, on this occasion, the Saudi Kingdom’s role in advocating women empowerment in the various fields, whether in terms of their political participation or their action in all walks of life at the media, educational, medical and engineering levels.

“With the direct support of the King of Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammad Ben Salman, and as part of the 2030 Vision, the Kingdom has opened the door to women’s empowerment in all spheres,” Bukhari said, stating that 30 women, or 20%, are members of the Shura Council.

Bukhari hailed the unlimited ambition of the Arab woman who has contributed to scientific and practical achievements at the local and international levels.

Women journalists and writers from all Arab countries, Morocco, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt were present at the ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony, shields were presented to Arab women journalists, namely Hanaa al-Rikabi from Saudi Arabia, Mahassen al-Imam from Jordan, Nibras al-Mamouri from Iraq, Samira al-Abdullah from Kuwait and Lamiaa Mahmoud from Egypt.

Source: National News Agency