London, A deal with the European Union (EU)

can be reached by October, but the United Kingdom (UK) is preparing

for the possibility of no deal, the new Brexit secretary Dominic Raab

has said.

He said he would return to Brussels for talks on Thursday and

strain “every sinew” to get “the best deal”. But, a responsible

government puts plans in place in case talks do not end well.

Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey said a no deal scenario would be

“catastrophic” for business. “No deal should not be an option”.

Raab added he would be back in Brussels this week for

negotiations and if the “energy, ambition and pragmatism” the UK

brought to negotiations was reciprocated, a deal would be done in

October. He noted that 80% of the withdrawal agreement was already

settled. And he said it was “useful” that EU chief Brexit negotiator

Michel Barnier had raised questions about the prime minister’s

blueprint for the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU.

“Actually the fact Michel Barnier is not blowing it out of the water but

asking questions is a good, positive sign – that’s what we negotiate on,”

Raab further said.

But, he said preparations, such as hiring extra border staff were

being made because “any responsible government” would make sure

plans were in place “in the event of negotiations not reaching a positive


The UK had to be prepared “whether it’s the allocation of money,

preparation of our treaty relations, we are hiring extra border staff and I

think people need to know that we ready so that Britain can thrive,

whatever happens,” he said.

Technical notices would be released for businesses and citizens

affected during the summer to be “very clear about what they should

do and what we are doing on their behalf” he added, the BBC


Source: Oman News Agency