Bin Alawi, The Sultanate Does Not Negotiate on Behalf of Anyone nor Impose Anything to Anyone

Moscow, Yousef bin Alawi bin Abdullah,

Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs stressed the importance of

finding a new vision to ensure the establishment of a Palestinian state.

He affirmed that the Sultanate does not negotiate on behalf of anyone,

but it responds to those who ask it to contribute to the preparation of

certain conditions.

He said in an interview with Russia Today (RT) TV Channel

“We need to find a new vision that guarantees the establishment of a

Palestinian state and the stability of the region. We do not negotiate on

behalf of anyone nor impose anything on anyone, but we respond to

those who ask us to contribute to the creation of certain conditions”.

We have told Netanyahu bluntly “There is no security for the State of

Israel unless with the establishment of a Palestinian state”.

The Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs denied there would

be normalization between the Sultanate and Israel, saying “There is no

normalization, but rather an ongoing peace process”. He added that

the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state is

a condition for any peace process in accordance with the international

resolutions. He said “There is no room for the establishment of normal

or beneficial relations between the Arab countries and Israel unless

with the establishment of a Palestinian state and Israel is aware of


He stressed the importance of a clear vision to achieve the

objectives of the Palestinian brothers and the establishment of their

state, noting that the Middle East is witnessing what he called “the

beginning of the end of major games,” foremost of which is the Syrian


Bin Alawi pointed out that the international references are the

appropriate basis for both the Palestinian and Israeli sides. The

international efforts must come within the framework of such

references, considering that the Warsaw statement “does not reflect all

stances of the participants regarding the Iranian file and their stances

in the region”.

He continued “Poland itself is not in agreement with the United

States. This is not the first conference where Washington rallies

against Iran, but some of the participating countries are satisfied and of

course this does not mean much”.

Bin Alawi touched on the GCC crisis by saying “We all support

the efforts of Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber al-Sabah, Emir of the

State of Kuwait to resolve the crisis”. He said, referring to the Gulf crisis

that it stems from “ideological and tribal differences, not material


Bin Alawi affirmed that there is no difference in views between

the Sultanate and the sisterly United Arab Emirates (UAE). “It is a

natural variance. The brothers in the UAE are our brothers and all

families are of one origin. We came to the region after the collapse of

Ma’rib Dam, and we have one tribal origins”.

The Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, affirmed that the

Sultanate’s policy towards neighbours is based on the principle of

respect, in particular the UAE where our relations with it are “based on

understanding, stability and bypassing differences”. He pointed out

that the border between the two countries is “delimited, well-defined

and documented”.

Source: Oman News Agency