Beirut Port Administration on Friday signed an agreement with a French company to prepare a study on recycling the rubble that has been left behind after the massive explosion that shattered the port’s premises and whereabouts.

The agreement was signed between the port’s management and the French company in a ceremony attended by Caretaker Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Dr. Michel Najjar, alongside senior Lebanese officials, as well as well as Head of the French Embassy’s Economic Affairs department, François De Ricolf, and representatives of the French company.

The Minister of Public Works seized the opportunity to thank French President, Emmanuel Macron, and the French people in general, for their “affection for Lebanon, knowing that the French army has played a major humanitarian role in Lebanon after the blast.”

“The agreement signed today is a donation from the French state to the French company so as to prepare a study on recycling rubble and debris at Beirut port,” added Najjar, wishing the group “success in carrying out its tasks in the interest of the port.”

For his part, De Ricolf affirmed the French state’s interest in assisting Lebanon in the reconstruction of Beirut Port.

In turn, the French company has confirmed its keenness on drafting a recycling plan in an “optimal environmental way.”


Source: National News Agency

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