Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, on Friday moved from New York to Canada, where he met with the Lebanese community in the Canadian city of Windsor, state of Ontario, in the presence of Lebanon's Ambassador Fadi Ziadeh.

In his delivered word, Minister Bassil pointed out the grave challenges endured by Lebanon nowadays, deprecating attempts by some to hit the national economy and currency.

"We are facing external pressure and blockade on our economy and our currency in an attempt to aggravate the crisis... Unfortunately, there are partners from within the country and from the government conspiring against the nation and its economy," Minister Bassil corroborated.

He deplored that some Lebanese are fabricating false images to incite citizens against the state instead of cooperating to overcome the current crisis.

Bassil stressed the importance of the accomplishment of the state budget 2020 in a bid to reduce deficit and produce a fiscal policy that reduces interest and restores confidence.

The Minister called for strengthening confidence of the Lebanese in their currency "which is part of the immunity of our country," as he said.

He also called on the Lebanese to prompt officials to build a productive economy.

Source: National News Agency