Bangkok Schools Close over Air Pollution Concerns

Bangkok, Thai authorities have ordered the closure of hundreds of

schools until Friday in Bangkok, which has been suffering for weeks from a wave of severe

pollution, a decision not seen in Thai history.

“I have issued instructions to close 437 schools of the Bangkok administration from

Wednesday afternoon through Friday,” Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang was quoted

by AFP.

The city’s 12 million residents are increasingly worried about the growing number of

masks on the streets or underground trains because of the wave of pollution that has been

going on since early January.

Pollution is not a new phenomenon in Bangkok, but special weather conditions have

exacerbated the situation this year. The concentration of tiny BM 2.5 particles in the air,

which has been very harmful to health for a month, is between 80 and 100 mg cubic meters

in some parts of Bangkok.

Over the course of several days, planes flew and threw chemicals to cause rain, but the

amount of rain falling over the city was little. Trucks sprayed water in the streets in a

questionable way of effectiveness.

The authorities announced yesterday that small drones will spray liquid material to remove

small particles from the air.

Source: Oman News Agency