The BAM Leb mobile application, a new and innovative touristic and cultural guide to Lebanon, was launched on Thursday 16 March 2023.

This app, funded by the European Union and developed by Agenda Culturel, is interactive, personalised, and indispensable for both locals and tourists who want to explore everything Lebanon has to offer.

Ambassadors, artists, friends and Agenda Cultural readers were invited to attend the launch event at the Saleh Barakat Gallery in Beirut, where the stunning exhibition of Katya Traboulsi, 'Rej3a ya Mama', was the ideal setting for a discussion on culture and tourism in Lebanon.

Myriam Nasr Shuman, Owner and Managing Director of Agenda Culturel, welcomed the guests and explained the idea behind this new app, from conception to realisation. Agenda Culturel team members Leslie Saliba and Nadine Fardon then presented the rich content and various features of the app.

The event's guest of honour, renowned actor Georges Khabbaz, reaffirmed the importance of a platform like Agenda Culturel in the country's arts and culture scene. He then recited a poem that he wrote on Lebanon.

A stimulating panel discussion followed on the importance of tools, such as the BAM Leb mobile app, for the development of local tourism. Ambassador of the European Union to Lebanon, Ralph Tarraf, explained why the European Union rallied behind this initiative. 'Investing in Lebanon's cultural and tourism sectors not only creates jobs and strengthens local economies, but also helps preserve the country's diverse cultural heritage at a time of crisis', he said.

Elissar Baalbaki, Head of the Tour Guides Syndicate, emphasised the challenges of the sector and the importance of regulating the tour guide profession. Pascal Abdallah, responsible tourism expert, explained that the industry was moving towards more sustainable practices globally and that Lebanon needed a legal framework and some regulations in order to follow suit. Maguy Kostanian recalled the reasons behind the decision to create the label 'Les plus beaux villages du Liban' and the challenges that it faces in this context.

Journalist and travel influencer Elsa Yazbek Charabati moderated the panel discussion. A cocktail reception and the visit of the exhibition followed.

Source: National News Agency