Muscat, Asyad Group, Oman’s global integrated logistics service provider, signed several agreements with five small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as the second batch to join Tomooh Incubator Programme.

The programme aims to develop the e-commerce sector and to provide the necessary support for SMEs.

Managed by Asyad Express, Tomooh Incubator Programme has been designed to be a platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs, SMEs and startups, enabling them to access Asyad’s integrated logistics solutions. The incubator has become a vital component sitting at the heart of the Group’s Sustainability Agenda and sector development plans. Tomooh will support the five SMEs to improve their service quality, unlock business networking prospects and widen their regional customer base.

The five SMEs which signed the agreements with Asyad Group are Onur Fashion, HiCloset, Zaad Oman, Techno Store and Fatma and Amal Services.

Nasser Al Sharji, CEO of Oman Post and Asyad Express said “We have always taken it upon ourselves to empower SMEs while fulfilling our ICV commitments. Since the day we launched “Tomooh” as a niche incubator programme, we have pursued our goal to create the right infrastructure and opportunities for SMEs and startups, allowing them to maximise their quality of service and ramp up their revenues to grow and expand their customer base.

Source: Oman News Agency