Assigned by H.M. the Sultan, Deputy Prime Minister for Council of Ministers to Sponsor, Opening of Muscat International Airport Sunday

Muscat, Assigned by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said and in coincidence with the Sultanate’s celebrations of the 48th Glorious National Day, Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmoud al- Said, Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers will sponsor on forthcoming Sunday the opening of Muscat International Airport.

Muscat International Airport, implemented under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, includes a passenger terminal with a capacity of 20 million passengers per annum, a 4 km long runway, a 103-meter-high air control tower, a building for air cargo, a building for logistics, an aircraft maintenance workshop and other buildings annexed to the airport.

Muscat International Airport has been designed as per world class standards and the highest service levels at the ideal airports, as specified by International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Source: Oman News Agency