A’Shura Food and Water Security Committee Discusses Live Water Wealth

Muscat, Majlis A’Shura Food and Water Security Committee today hosted Hamad bin Said al- Oufi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for Fisheries and a number of officials at the ministry, in addition to experts from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs to get their views and remarks on the Live Water Wealth Law which was referred from the government and to be discussed at the next general session.

During the meeting that was chaired by Hilal bin Said al- Yahyaie, Chairman of the Committee, the participants discussed the articles of the law and how they can keep pace with modern developments taking place in the sector, increase the sector’s contribution to GDP and maintain the different types of live animal wealth.

Dr. Hamad bin Said al- Oufi pointed out that it is very important to have a legal framework that ensures transparency, justice and rights of citizens due to the new developments witnessed by this sector.

The members of the committee gave some remarks on the legal drafting of the articles and the definitions.

The meeting also discussed a number of issues related to live water wealth and the challenges facing the sector. They also made a reference to the proposals of Majlis A’Shura about establishing a Fund for subsidizing fishermen and providing the fishing sector with technical and financial subsidy.

Source: Oman News Agency