Army Commander pursues Australia visit

Lebanese Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, on Thursday pursued his meetings in Australia by visiting Maronite Archbishop, Antoine Charbel Tarabey, at “Beit Maroun – The House of Maroun, in presence of Lebanese clerics representing different religions and communities.

“This whole national gathering reflects a real picture of Lebanese values,” Aoun said, deeming talks about the war on terrorism as very common nowadays.

Terrorism uses religion as its motto, even though religion has nothing to do with terrorist thought, Aoun said, lauding the Lebanese Army’s triumphant war on terrorism.

This is all thanks to the Army’s belief in our cause, its professionalism, and the love that people give for it, Aoun said, adding that with its victorious wars on terror, the Lebanese Army has gained the respect of the strongest armies of the world.

“A state of security currently prevails in Lebanon”, General Aoun added, calling on the Lebanese community in Australia to visit Lebanon and not be influenced by false rumours”.

Our homeland, despite the volatile situation in the region, continues to enjoy the best security as a result of vigilance and military readiness, he added, paying tribute to the spirit of late soldier, martyr Ali Hassan Mustafa, who fell in Tripoli the other day.

Source: National News Agency