Cairo, The Arab Administrative Development

Organization (ARADO) of the Arab League will hold the 17th Arab

Conference on Modern Methods in Hospital Management on December

3rd under the theme “Governance of Health Care Services Based on

Patient Experience”.

“The conference addresses the role of governance and the patient’s

experience in improving health care services, the strategic and legal

challenges of patient-based health care governance, and successful

governance experiences based on patient experience,” Dr. Nasser Al

Hatlan al-Qahtani, ARADO Director-General, said in a statement today.

He added that the overall goal of the conference is to benefit from

the concept of health care governance based on the patient’s

experience by involving patients, health leaders and health care

providers in raising the level of experience and results in order to

develop and improve the health care services provided to the


The conference will be attended by experts and specialists from Arab

and foreign countries as well as ministers, undersecretaries, and

administrative leaders of the Ministry of Health in Arab countries.

Source: Oman News Agency