The Arab International Forum for Palestinian Justice opened its works at the Bristol Hotel in Beirut on Sunday, organized by the Arab Center for Communication and Solidarity.

Various Arab and international delegations and representatives of Lebanese political parties and Palestinian factions attended the opening session.

Taking the floor, Head of the Arab International Center for Communication and Solitary, Maen Bashour, stressed that “the era of a free Palestine will inevitably come.”

“This forum is a translation of the idea of Palestine uniting us together, with the participation of all Palestinian factions, Arabs, Turkey, Iran and liberal European countries, and the free Arab nation from Oman to Mauritania,” said Bashour.

“Palestine is still alive despite the attempts to liquidate it,” he stressed.

Bashour hoped that “this forum will not become a rhetorical platform, but rather one that puts forward effective ideas to be adopted and translated.”

It is to note that all speeches during the opening session focused on the Palestinian cause as a priority.

Source: National News Agency