Apostolic Nuncio to Lebanon, Mgr. Joseph Spiteri, on Monday affirmed that the voluntary work of groups of young Lebanese and foreigners, serving people with special needs in Chabrouh's Center of the Lebanese Association of the Knights of Malta, contributed to the establishment of true peace.

The Apostolic Nuncio celebrated, for the second consecutive year, a Mass in Chabrouh center. In his word, he paid tribute to "the efforts of foreign and Lebanese volunteers who organize, throughout the year, one-week camps for people with special needs".

He added that these camps constituted one of the 30 activities of the Association in Lebanon, recalling that last year, 36 camps were organized for approximately 770 people with special needs by 960 volunteers of 20 nationalities.

"You came to Lebanon to spend a different holiday and share your love with those who suffer. You have chosen to come here to help others, to have new friends, to build human relationships, and that is what creates true peace and joy, he told the young volunteers.

I pray to the Lord that the presence of young volunteers is an opportunity to help our Lebanese friends to experience the love of God that will allow the consolidation of peace and joy, Bishop Spiteri added.

Source: National News Agency