President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, affirmed that "the difficult circumstances that Lebanon is going through, which are the result of the accumulation of wrong financial policies, cannot in any way hamper our determination to move forward in addressing their repercussions."

Aoun’s words came during his meeting with a youth delegation who visited him at Baabda Palace earlier today, with talks touching on the latest developments in the country.

The President reassured the delegation members that “the path of forming the future government is clear,” hoping that “white smoke will come out soon, and a government will be formed that will be able to bear the necessary burdens to confront the accumulation of crises in a manner that satisfies the aspirations of the Lebanese.”

“It is not the first time that Lebanon experiences great difficulties, but I am determined, and this is my firm decision, to assume my full responsibilities in confronting them, no matter how huge the obstacles and no matter how many flimsy pretexts some use to evade from assuming the consequent moral and constitutional duties towards their people,” Aoun underscored.

He concluded by stressing that it was evidently clear, since assuming his constitutional duties, that any reformist position or decision he would take would be confronted with many obstacles with the aim of hindering his course of action, ”for ends that have become exposed to all, both locally and internationally.’

Source: National News Agency