Aoun hails role of security apparatuses nationwide in protecting stability, fighting crime and corruption

President Michel Aoun on Friday heaped praise on the role assumed by all of the state security apparatuses across the country, especially in terms of protecting stability and security, in addition to fighting crime and corruption.

Aoun met at Baabda palace today with the security and military chiefs and senior officers, who came to extend greetings and wishes upon the holy season. The President received State Security Director General, Major General Tony Saliba, at the head of a delegation, a delegation of the Directorate General of Customs headed by Director General Badri Daher, Commander of the Army, General Joseph Aoun, at the head of a delegation of senior officers, and a delegation from the Directorate General of General Security headed by Major General Abbas Ibrahim.

During the meeting, Aoun called the security forces to exert additional efforts despite the existing difficulties.

“The Lebanese army remains the essential hope in times of complication and crises, in order to preserve the country’s unity,” he said.

“The army is the key supporter for the other security forces in imposing security at home,” he added.

“What has been accomplished in the field of fighting crime, narcotics, corruption and trafficking is not meaningless, yet it is not enough,” he indicated, stressing on the importance of the measures and efforts undertaken by the General Security agency regarding the organization of foreigners’ presence in Lebanon.

On fighting corruption, Aoun called for further efforts especially inside the state administrations and institutions dealing with citizens’ affairs, highlighting the role of the State Security agency in following up on the anti-corruption process and in collaborating with the competent judicial authorities.

Moreover, Aoun praised the role played by the Customs’ department.

Source: National News Agency