Aoun follows up on Ras Baalbek torrential floods

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, Followed up on the situation in Ras Baalbek after the heavy floods that swept the area, causing severe damage to the town and leading to the death of a woman.

President Aoun contacted the Secretary-General of the Higher Relief Committee, Major General Mohammed Khair, who briefed him on the measures taken in the Ras Baalbek region to clean the sewage and assess the damage in order to make the necessary compensation, and secure a roof over the heads of those who had been forced to leave their homes amid the natural catastrophe.

President Aoun was also briefed by the head of the Lebanese Red Cross, Dr. Antoine Zoghbi, on the work of the ambulance teams assigned to the affected area.

The damage caused by torrential floods in Ras Baalbek was the focus of a discussion between President Aoun and MP Albert Mansour, who briefed the President on the situation in the region and wished swift treatment of the damage.

The meeting also dealt with the impending government formation, where MP Mansour pointed to the need to speed up this formation process so as to address the fast-paced developments.

“What is required is a cohesive team to help the president and the Premier run the affairs of the country, instead of forming a government that includes rival political parties that would transfer their differences into the Council of Ministers,” said MP Mansour.

Source: National News Agency